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A Little About Us

Two Sisters' Oil are two loving sisters, Naomi and Lorri, who started this company to offer the finest and highest quality Artisan soaps, bath and body products. All the products are designed and hand crafted by Two Sisters.


We focus on offering all our products at good prices and we look forward to developing a relationship with you. We invite you to come inside and shop.

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Our Story


Our parents and grand parents were vegetable farmers. Both sets of grandparents immigrated from Japan. Our grand fathers came to this country to seek out a better life. They eventually worked their way to Brighton, Colorado and leased and purchased farm land.

They wanted to raise a family so they sent letters home to their parents asking to find them brides. In the 1940's picture brides, as the called them, were young Japanese women seeking a better life and husbands in the Americas. The women were given a picture of their future husbands. They met in the San Francisco area after getting off of a long ship ride. They were married there and then traveled to their new life. Our grand fathers were very lucky in the brides they were chosen.

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Masaki and Mata Tashiro had 7 children. Masaki was 20 years older than Mata. She was 18 when she came here. Our father (Mike) was the oldest and learned all about farming. Adventurous in spirit and a genuine entrepreneur, he also ran a restaurant and lounge called "The Terrace Inn". This was a hot spot for all the local farmers and businessmen. A place to meet to talk about their farm and to have a hearty, home-cooked meal.

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Katsubei and Hisano Sakaguchi were hard working. They had 10 children. Our mom (Fudge), who is now 102 years young, is our best helper. They raised vegetables such as cabbage and sold them to a market in Denver. They came here not knowing the language. Grandpa learned how to speak English by writing articles in the "Colorado Times".

Times were tough in the 1940's. WWII broke out and the sentiment toward Japanese Americans were strained. Our grand parents and parents always did their best to be a part of the community. Learning how to integrate peacefully.

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We learned valuable lessons growing up. How to be good citizens. Making our way to support our families. Learning how to figure things out and be creative when you did without. But most of all, how to treat people with compassion and always give them more than what they came with. Whenever you left the house of our grandma Tashiro "Bachan", you always left with something, whether it be a piece of gum or an orange. You always felt taken care of.

Lorri and Naomi are two sisters that are 10 years apart but so close in the heart. We love each other and would do anything for each other. When Lorri moved far away, we wanted to stay connected. We always liked crafting and card making. We both love essential oils and the back to nature medicines and products we use ourselves. We decided to go into a business that not only was creative but used back to nature ingredients. We keep the tradition of our grand parents alive. We give a gift with each purchase. It is our way of you feeling like you are taken care of. Two sisters who's love for each other is felt through our products, and, hopefully, how you feel using them.

Our artisan bar soaps are handcrafted in small batches to guarantee our high quality standards. They are made in our home in Brighton, Colorado.

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